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SD12 „Vulcan“ (CORE 2)

1x SD-12 Pult im Touringcase
INs:        8x Mic/Line, 8x AES, 2x Madi
OUTs:    8x Line, 8x AES, 2x Madi
Optics:   one Loop
DMI:       2x Slots (Standart: DMI1=MADI-C, DMI2=WAVES, for more options see below)

-72 Input Channels
-36 Busse ( + Master L/R oder LCR)
-12×8 Outputmatrix (all signals are routable to Matrix)
-119x DiGiTuBes (in Channels, Busse, Matrix)
-12x Stereo Stealth Effects (same as the flagship SD7)
-119x Multiband Compressor (Channels, Busses, Matrix)
-119x Dynamik Equalizer (Channels, Busses, Matrix)
-119x Dynamik Equalizer (Channels, Busses, Matrix)
-16x Graphic EQ
-12x Control groups (VCA)
-Set Spill
-Multi Inputs

DMI Cards:
– Dante
– ADC (16 Line Inputs, Sub-D)
– WAVES Soundgrid

1x D2-Rack CAT mit 48x Mic/Line Ins & 24 x Line Outs & 8 AES Outs
2x D-Rack CAT mit 32x Mic/Line Ins & 16 x Line Outs
2x 100m CAT5e Kabel
2x 50m CAT5e Kabel
1x 75m CAT5e Kabel
1x RedBox D-Rack Splitt (für FOH-Monitor Setups)
1x RME MADIFace – Expresscard 34mm (64In / 64Out)
(für Recording und/oder Virtual Soundcheck)
1x WAVES Soundgrid Server1
1x WAVES Soundgrid ImpactServer v1

The LM 44 provides a four input/four output analog configuration that is suited for a variety of system signal processing and routing applications. The LM 44 also provides 8 × 8 AES3 digital I/O and 4 × 8 Dante networked I/O, all with comprehensive signal routing to provide Dante break-in / break-out and failover functionality. Two LM 44 units may be stacked and linked to function seamlessly as a single 8 × 8 processor.

LM 44 provides the ultimate combination of input/output signal flexibility and fail-safe operation. Audio inputs are accepted via the Dante network as well as on connectors for AES3 digital and analog. Simple programming in Lake Controller allows multiple, user-configured automatic switching scenarios. For example, signals may be distributed over the Dante network, with an AES3 input source failing over to analog – and with the result automatically cascading to all Dante receivers. In addition, the LM Series’ dual-redundant network topology enables seamless switching in case of a problem on one Ethernet link.

LM 44 provides a total of eight input routers which can be independently configured with up to four input fail-over priority settings. And the output of any of these input routers can be patched directly to any analog, AES3 or Dante output – without using any of the valuable Module processing channels.